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Brandi Harless

I live on the river now, back in my hometown of Paducah, Kentucky. My husband, Adam and I, live about 5 blocks from the Ohio in a neighborhood called Lowertown. Lowertown Arts District was revitalized about 10 years ago into a thriving art center. Houses were purchased for $1 and turned back into immaculate spaces fully equipped with art studios and galleries. We live just 4 block off Broadway, near the heart of downtown Paducah, a quaint historic snapshot of what was and what could be. The vibrant culture emerging here is what keeps us from heading to the big city where there are many things we miss, like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

I moved back here in 2009 when a job in Haiti fell through that I had left my job in DC to take. I thought for sure, I would only be in Paducah for a few months while I searched for more jobs abroad in the field of Global Health (my Master’s degree and career projectory). I stayed around after learning of a local HIV clinic and started to spend time with a former high school friend that turned out to be my husband. After 3 years with my heart split between Paducah and the far off places we could go, I started looking for jobs elsewhere. Coming home (and staying) had always felt like a failure to me. If I stayed in the small town I grew up in, I would be admitting defeat and not fully living up to my potential. Oh how my perspective has changed!

I did end up landing a job in DC and was excited for the transition back to the big city. But life had something very different planned for me. My cousin was killed in a tragic hunting accident and I had to choose whether to stay or go. Three years prior, my career-only self would have gone on to DC and taken the job on Pennsylvania avenue. But the Brandi who had spent the last 3 years near her family realized the kind of person she wanted to be… the kind who chooses family when they need me most.

This site is about my attempt at creating a life I love, living near my family, starting international businesses, embracing the beautiful things a small town has to offer, and helping others dream big dreams and turn them into reality. 

These are the two I spend the most time with these days.
Dudley (the dog) and Adam (the amazing husband)

Family Photo


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